The 2008 Greenbuild proceedings are available as either a Standard or Premium Key CD. Both versions have the Powerpoint Slides AND the audio synchronized with the slides. The Premium version also has the audio available as individual MP3 files enabling you to listen to the audio on an iPod® or audio CD. The Premium version also has PowerPoint Slide Videos that can also be played on a device like an iPod®. The Key CD gets you secure access to the online proceedings where you can listen to and view the various presentations from the conference. The content will be available online to download through 2013.

If you would like to learn more about the differences between the Standard and Premium versions, then click here to learn more.

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2008 Standard Proceedings Key CDs ($139 each)

2008 Premium Proceedings Key CDs ($199 each)

2008 Standard to Premium Upgrades ($60 each)

2007 Premium Proceedings ($199 each)

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